Podcasting and Video Production Packages

You make it great. We make it easy.

Below are a few of our most popular services for clients. Of course, we can also customize a service plan for your needs, so take a look and give us a call when you're ready to discuss a strategy.

Hosted Content – Live or Recorded

By far the easiest option, the Hosted Content package is nearly as simple as turning on the lights. Just meet with our Program Director for an hour, give us your logo, send us your best photos and videos, and show up for the interview on shoot day. We do the rest. And if you need social media support, we’ve got the staff to help you make the most of your newly produced content.
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Live Videocasting

One of the best strategies to increase your visibility online is to create a high-resolution videocast around your business and keep the content fresh. YouTube Live rewards 1080/60 quality broadcasts with higher visibility rankings and Google is always asking your business two, very simple questions: what is happening now and what is happening next? A show about your business that answers those two questions with consistency and creativity is a sure-fire way to keep you at the top of your category searches.
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Podcasting is very popular right now and a powerful way to promote your business, but there’s a trick. There is no visual support as in a videocast, which means your podcast must do more than present the value proposition of your business – it must have its own value proposition. Why would someone listen? Why is it relevant? Entertaining? What information will you impart that will improve the lives of your listeners? These are all critical questions to ask when considering a podcast. Let us help you get the answers and create a compelling show that keeps listeners wanting more.
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